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Brand Product Name EHSY Item# Description List Price(USD)

EHSY Anti-decubitus Cushion(round) W00002565 Dimension(inflated):inner diameter:13cm Outer diameter:39cm

EHSY Anti-decubitus Cushion(square) W00002564 Dimension(inflated):45*42cm

EHSY Bedsore Prevention/cure Mattress W00002563 This is very effective to a heavy a patient who lies on a bed for a long time, a patient. Who is suffering from waist pain, and a patient who needs bo...

EHSY PVC Bedsore Prevention/cure Mattress W00002562

EHSY Water Mattress W00002561 Thickness:0.45mm

EHSY Water Mattress W00002560 Thickness:0.45mm

EHSY Air-jetting Mattress W00002559 Material:PVC(EN-71,NON-TOXIC)
Pressure range:110-140mmHG

EHSY Model A Interchangeable Mattress W00002558 Thickness: 0.35mm
Size (after inflation): 199cm * 100cm
Alternating trachea Height: 8cm
Alternating trachea Quantity: 22

EHSY Model B Interchangeable Mattress W00002557 "Supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz
Air output: ≥4.5L/min
Pressure range: ≥14kPa
Cycle time: 10~12 minutes

EHSY Bubble Mattress W00002556 "Material: PVC Material (EN-71, non-toxic)
Thickness: 0.35mm
Size: 78 ""x 34"" (after inflation)
Ball height (after inflation): 2 1 / 2 ""

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