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Brand Product Name EHSY Item# Description List Price(USD)

EHSY Earloop Mask(Aluminum Strong nosepiece) W00004502 Description: BFE>95%, White/Blue/Pink/yellow/Green/Teal

Nosepiece: Aluminum Strong nosepiece

EHSY Tissue/Poly Head Rest Covers(10"x13") W00004501 Description:10"x13"(25cmx33cm) White

EHSY Tissue/Poly Head Rest Covers(10"x10") W00002161 Description: 10"x10"(25cmx25cm) White

EHSY Bibs 2ply tissue+1ply poly 13"*18" W00002159 Description: Lavender/blue/white/yellow/green/rose/peach/aqua/dark blue
Meas(cm): 36.4*34.4*24.6

EHSY Exposure Suit W00002158 Westingarea supplied high quality Exposure Suit. Package: one piece/unit 20units/carton The minimum QTY: Ten thousand  

EHSY Pro-Shield Mask W00002157 Description: BFE>99%, Blue or Teal mask with face shield
Meas(cm): 40*20*23
CBM(/cs): 0.0184
GW(Kg): 1.60

EHSY Surgical Tie-On Mask W00002156 Description: BFE>95%, Blue
Meas(cm): 33*19.5*32
CBM(/cs): 0.0206

EHSY Earloop Mask(Plastic nosepiece) W00002155 Description: BFE>95%, White/Blue/Pink/yellow/Green/Teal
Nosepiece: Plastic nosepiece

EHSY Non-woven Fabrics Mask W00002154 Case spec: Size(mm): 90*175, three-floors
Package: 50piece/box, 40box/carton

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