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SYSBERY Gas Chromatograph W00006973 Temperature Control Areas:gas chromatogram column, sampler, detector
Temperature Control Range:15℃-399℃ of room temperature (increment by 1℃)
Temperature Control Accuracy:less than ±0.1℃ (measured at 200℃)
Thermal conductivity detector(TCD):

SYSBERY Gas Chromatograph W00001462 Temperature control:
1. Temperature control areas: gas chromatogram column, sampler, detector
2. Temperature control range: 15℃-399℃ of room temperature (increment by 1℃)
3. Temperature control accuracy: less than ±0.1℃ (measured at 200℃)

SYSBERY Gas Chromatograph W00001461 1. Temperature control range: 7℃-400℃ of room temperature (increment by 1℃)
2. Temperature control objects: column, ion chamber, thermal conductivity, sampler A, sample B, auxiliary (standby)
3. Temperature programming phase: five
4. Temperature programming rate: 0.1℃-40℃/min(increment by 0.1)

SYSBERY Gas Chromatograph W00001460 1. Temperature control
Control range: 7°C - 400°C above room temperature. (increment of 1°C)
Control objects: column oven, detector, thermal conductive pond and sample injector
Programmed temperature rising: 5 ramps

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