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Waterproof Pocket TDS/Temperature Tester




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Westingarea supplied high quality Waterproof Pocket TDS/Temperature Tester:


Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) comprise inorganic salts and
small amounts of organic matter that are dissolved in
TDSSCAN series are used to measure total dissolved
and temperature value of liquids. This series include
the TDSSCAN10, 20 and 30.


Single Point Push-Button Calibration:
TDSSCAN series with one point calibration function. The
meter is permitted to use TDS standard solution, you
need only set known TDS value in the meter and immerse
electrode into TDS solution, press [ CAL ] key, the meter
will be calibrated automatically.


Hold Function:
The meter with hold function, press [HOLD] key, you can
freeze reading temporarily for easy viewing. 


Replaceable Electrode:
TDSSCAN series with platinum sensor, giving you quick,
reliable conductivity measurement. Double junction

sensor, you can replace it easily. 



Automatic Temperature Compensation:
TDSSCAN series with temperature sensor, you can view temperature through [oC ] key. The meter with automatic temperature compensation for accurate reading under changing conditions.

Auto-power Off:
The meter will turn itself off approximately 8 minutes
after last key pressed, it saves battery power after
Waterproof Function:
TDSSCAN series with good waterproof performance,

It can float when sink in water.


What's included:

1.5V alkaline button cell batteries.

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