Privacy Policy

Respectable Excellency:

Your privacy is vital to Westingarea, and will be fully respected.The Privacy Treaty announces some information rules about the Westingarea's websites, as follows: Which type of information do we collect and follow; how do we use the information; whom do we share with the information. Through this principle, we hope that Westingarea and our subordinate corporations will establish mutual trust and respect relationship with your company on internet business and cooperation.

 Personal Information:

Usually, you can visit Westingarea and the subordinate corporations of Westingarea on Internet without telling us who you are, neither your personal information. However, sometimes we maybe need your information. For example, when you consult the relevant products online or need us to post you the samples of the products, you would provide the information to Westingarea, such as your name, name of your company, address, telephone, email and so on, so that we can contact you and service for you earlier. Also if you purchase products from our website,we need your information includes shipping information, credit cardholder name and card number/expiration date.Now we hope to let you know how do we use the information; If you tell us you would not hope that we use the information in order to further contact, we will surely follow your opinion. If you provide the personal information of others to us, we will consider that you have gotten the permission of them.

 Using the sharing personal information:

If you want to get something from the websites of Westingarea such as product samples, technology interlocution, market activities materials etc, we will take advantage of the information you have provided to realize your request. To help us complete the job, we will share your information with others which involved with the process of realizing, for example: the subordinate corporations of Westingarea, providers, partners, logistics companies, post offices and so on. Besides, we will contact with you as a part of the survey of client satisfaction or market popularization.Westingarea may disclose your information in response to subpoenas, investigative requests (with or without subpoena) and other legal process, to exercise Westingarea’s legal rights and defend against legal claims.

 The website of Westingarea career opportunities:

No matter the recruitment advertisements of Westingarea and the subordinate corporations of Westingarea issued in the websites or other places, you need to provide your detailed resume to us. Take into account of the recruitment or inquiring your request, we will use the information in the whole Westingarea system. Unless you tell us not to do like that, we will earnestly retain the information for the future.

* If excellency has any inquiry and worry about the treaty used in the website, please contact with Westingarea timely and directly. Thank you!

Security Policy

Website Security:

Westingarea Site security is a priority. Westingarea continually reviews and updates the security methods implemented to protect information transmitted via this Site, including measures to secure and protect all personally identifiable information from loss, misuse, and alteration.

Westingarea, however, cannot guarantee that any electronic commerce is totally secure.

Account Security:

Westingarea is dedicated to ensuring that your account remains secure. Learn more about the various ways to protect your account on

Keep Your User ID and Password Secure

To enhance your online safety, keep your personal information private:

*Never reveal your password to anyone

*Change your password periodically

*Protect Your Account from Online Fraud

Often called “spoofing?or “phishing? the most current methods of online fraud are fake emails, Web sites and pop-up windows, or any combination of these.

Spoof emails are phony emails, which appear to have originated from a legitimate company. These phony emails ask you to go to a spoof Website and provide your personal account information. To bait you, often these deceptive emails may allude to an urgent matter concerning your account.

In many cases these is no easy way to determine that you are on a phony Web site because the URL may contain the name of the company it is spoofing. However, if you type, or cut and paste the URL into a new Web browser window and it does not take you to a legitimate Web site, or you get an error message, it was probably just a cover for a fake Web site.

Security Tips:

Delete suspicious emails without opening them. If you do open a suspicious email, never click on a link or open an attachment contained in the suspicious email.

Do not provide your sensitive information by email or phone unless you initiated the contact.


This Site may be linked to other sites that are not owned, maintained or operated by Westingarea and not subject to the same Privacy and other Policies. Westingarea is not responsible of the content of those sites or the use of any information collected from you by those sites. The inclusion of any link to such sites does not imply any recommendation or sponsorship of such sites and Westingarea disclaims any liability for links: (i) from another website to this Site (ii) to another website from this Site.

Policy Updates

Westingarea may update this policy from time to time. Please check the Site periodically for updates. Policy updates shall be effective the date the change is posted on the Site. Notice of any material changes in the manner in which Westingarea handles personally identifiable information under this policy will be provided on the Site.