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EHSY Differential Scanning Calorimeter W00006168 DSC scale: ±10,±20,±40,±100,±160,±200mW,and can automatically change.
Temperature range: RT ~ 500 ℃:
heating rate: 1~30 ℃∕ min;
Crucible material and size: Aluminum Φ 6.7 mm × 2.5 mm;

EHS WQS Vibrator with Sieve W00002185 Vibration direction: Vertical vibration
Measurement range: ≤ 325 mesh
Weight (Net): 25kg

SYSBERY Ratio Turbidimeter W00002183 Measurement range NTU: 0.00-19.99; 20.0-199.9; 200-2000 (automatic range switchover)
Weight (Gross): 8kg
Overall dimensions: 358mm ×323mm × 160mm

SYSBERY Ratio Turbidimeter W00002182 Measurement range: 0.00-199NTU
Weight (Gross): 9kg
Overall dimensions: 460mm × 430mm × 250mm

SYSBERY Spectroscopical Color Photometer W00001454 Illumination Condition:o/d
Speetral Condition:combination of GB3978 standard illuminant D65,A,C,and 100,200 wide viewing field matching function values(X, Y, Z)
Precision Of Transmittance(%):±1.5

SYSBERY White Meter W00001453 Measurement Range:0-120
Illumination Geometric Conditions:45/0
Peak Wavelength:457nm

SYSBERY Photoelectric Hazemeter W00001452 Range Of Haze:0-30%
Range Of Transmittance:0-100%
Display Mode:LCD

SYSBERY Colorimeter and Color Difference Meter W00001451 Illumination Geometric Conditions:o/d
Sample Light Source:Combination of CIF standard illuminant D65 and 10°wide viewing field,X10 Y10 and Z10.

SYSBERY Tintometer W00001450 Measurement Range:Red:
R0.1-R79.9 Lovibond
Yellow:R0.1-R79.9 Lovibond
Blue R0.1-R49.9 Lovibond

SYSBERY Hazemeter W00001449 Measurement Range:Transmittance:0-100%,Haze:0-30%
Transmittance:≤1 %

Total:11 «««12»»» 1/2