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EHSY PC-controlled Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine W00006177 I Main Specifications:
1. Main frame (Three stations and three Ports) Max Pressure: 10 Mpa
A. Precision Pressure Control Unit: 3 piece(1 piece/1 station)
B. Electric Solenoid valve (Germany GSR): 2 pieces/per station

EHSY PC-controlled Electronic Universal Testing Machine W00006176 I Main Specifications:
1. Import AC servo system: one set
2. Import Germany precise planetary gearbox: one set
3. Two transducer system construction

EHSY LED Melt Flow Index W00006175 I Specification Instruction:
Mainframe: one
Base weight: one
Weight: one (six sort’s seven pieces)

EHSY Dumb-bell Sample Making Machine W00006174 Suitable thickness of the sample: 1~60 mm

EHSY Apparent Density Measuring Apparatus W00006173 Funnel size: meet the ISO60, ASTMD1895, EN6186 and other standards.
Cylinder volume: meet the ISO60, ASTMD1895, EN6186 and other standards.
Cylinder diameter: meet the ISO60, ASTMD1895, EN6186 and other standards.

EHSY Sample Saw W00006172 Specimen cutting length: 160mm

EHSY Notch sample-Making Machine for PE Pipes W00006171 Molding blade tool processing, unmistakable sample notch shape
Applicable pipe diameter: Ф63—Ф400mm
Accuracy of notch length and depth: ±0.1mm
Applicable scope of notch length: 125—450mm

EHSY Environmental Stress Cracking Tester W00006170 Technical Parameters:
Bath temperature range: room temperature - 95℃
Temperature precision: ±0.5℃
Temperature fluctuation: ±0.2℃

EHSY Equipment for Carbon Black in Olefin Plastics W00006169 Temperature range: 25℃~950℃
N2 testing range: 0.2~2L/min
Dimension: 600(W)*680(L)*800(H)

EHSY Dichloromethane Soak Tester W00006101 Bath tank temperature range:10℃~60℃
Temperature uniformity: ±0.2℃
Control temperature accurate:±0.5℃
Bath working size(mm):500×500×400mm

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