Westingarea Customer Service
You Keep Us Running™

Customer service - if we can not make customer satisfaction, there will be others to do so!

Customers are the core of Westingarea; customers define our service and our products quality. The needs and opinions of our customers are very important for Westingarea, helping us to provide the best quality services and products, under the premise that our distinguished customer satisfaction is essential!

In order to achieve greater success, each employee must work in a professional manner, responsibly whilst being honest to satisfy the needs of our customers.

If you have any comments on our products and services or in any aspect you consider being treated unfairly, please contact us, we will respond to you as soon as possible, thank you very much!

AFTERSALES SERVICE - Customer Service Promise

1) Customer services, "If we can not satisfy the needs of customers, there must be someone else who will replace us." Westingarea lay particular emphasis on the core areas of “service”, “customers” and ”technology”. Customers mean everything to us. It is the customers who define the meaning of the words “service” and “product quality”. We at Westingarea , hold these truths to be self-evident: honesty, honour and laying emphasis on the opinions and feelings of our customers.

2) The staff within each branch of Westingarea in China are obliged to let the customers fully understand the product model, technical guide lines, performance, place of usage, safety tips etc to make sure that the customers can make the right choice before signing the contract. Upon signing the contact, Westingarea shall stringently follow each clause stated within the contract, supplying the products consistently inside the stated time. If customers wish to change the model before delivery, Westingarea will do all they can to help. As regards to the orders with unchangeable models, employees of Westingarea should confirm with customers seriously before signing the contract in order to avoid any unnecessary troubles and losses.

3) All the products provided by Westingarea will be transported to the locations stipulated in the contract by the professional third party logistics companies, or express companies commissioned by each logistics center of ehsy. If you feel that you have been treated unjustly in the process of logistics service, please contact our product engineer of Westingarea or our center of client’s management, (086-021-61948800) for help or support. At the same time, Westingarea will periodically review the service flow to avoid any future discretion.

4) Westingarea and its logistics partners will bear the risk of damage of the goods during the transportation. Upon receiving the goods, it is strongly recommended for the customers to check the appearance, quantity and components of the goods carefully. We will focus on any problems with our after sales service.

5) Before using the products, Westingarea will offer technical on site support, training and demonstrations at the request of customers to help them to understand the functions, user guide and safety tips of each of our products. Be mindful that our quotation does not include the technical on site service fees. Our after sales service, Engineers of Westingarea and its China technical supporting centre will offer you patient, friendly and passionate technical support.

6) Westingarea will handle all queries and problems in a timely fashion upon receiving a phone call or other form of notification from customers and on the condition that the problem is not caused by mishandling, man-made errors or third party factors.

7) In order to serve our customers better, the commissioner of client’s relationship of Westingarea will personally follow up the user status of the products and acquire (with consent) the satisfaction review from customers.

8) If have any questions about our after sales promise, please feel free to contact our product engineer of Westingarea or our center of clients management (086-021-61948800).

*If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!