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Precision pH/mV Meter




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Westingarea supplied high quality Precision pH/mV Meter:


PHS-W series precision pH/mV meter include the PHS

-25CW, 3CW, 3BW. The meters are used to measure

acidity and alkalinity of liquids

Two-Points Push-Button Calibration:
PHS-W series with two points calibration function, it

will prompt pH calibration solution when you calibrate

the meter. You need only immerse the pH electrode

into standard solution and press [ CAL ] key, then the

meter will be calibrated automatically.
Auto-Buffer Recognition:
In calibration, the meter will display ERROR

automatically if you use pH standard solution by

mistake or not by the direction.
Viewing of Electrode Slope:
After calibration, the meter will indicate electrode

slope, you can judgement by the indicator to replace

electrode or not.


Automatic Temperature Temperature:
PHS-3BW with temperature sensor, which can

measure temperature of solution and can automatic

temperature compensation.

Keypad and Electrode Holder:
The meter with waterproof panel, it's user can not

worry for the sample solution splashing over the

meter. The electrode holder can be used conveniently.


What's included:

pH glass electrode, pH buffers, electrode holder, 9V

power adapters, temperature probe (only for


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