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Kids Animals Eye Chart Box




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Westingarea supplied high quality Kids Animals Eye Chart Box.

The frame of box is made of special high- strength aluminum-alloy .It is light ,stiff and never distorted. The inside and outside of the box are both coated by electric- static spraying powder, it is beautiful & durable.
2Four corners of box are connected with good quality brass plate, the surface is decorated with ABS plastic plate.
3The visual chart plate is adopted with import polymethyl methacrylate plate, never faded.
4It can normally work in voltage 150~260V.
5The light box has two specifications of examination distance: 2.5m and 5.0m.
This sterilizer is suitable for disinfecting & sterilizing indoor air in hospitals, institutes, pharmacy industry, food industry and aquatics-breeding ,as well as for disinfecting the stationary &daily goods.

Item Type: 5M
Consumed power: 30W
Dimension(mm): 330×990×105
One unit Packing: Carton Size(cm): 105×16×39;Volume(m³):0.066;Net Weight(KG):
5.7; Gross Weight(KG): 7.8
Two units Packing: Carton Size(cm): 107.5×34×43;Volume(m³):0.157;Net Weight(KG):
11.4;Gross Weight(KG): 17.6

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