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Slit Lamp Image Collection and Analysis System




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Westingarea supplied high quality  Slit Lamp Image Collection and Analysis System  has  the excellent performance displayed as:

The image processing system is not only a working platform for ophthalmic diagnosis, but also a case database. It can easily capture digital photos of the cornea, sclera, anterior chamber, iris, lens, retina and set up patients files and effectively manage them.
•What doctors see from eyepieces is showed synchronously on camera display screen, which is very convenient for the  doctors to capture the best and clearest pictures.
•Photos taken by the 12.4 megapixel camera.
•Background illumination specifically designed for darkroom environment.
•Fine photos immediately taken by the button on joystick.
•Used for establishing the full data of patients, processing images, measuring the length, area and so on.
•Honored ” China Top Brand ” for its excellent optics.

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