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Ophthalmic Operating Microscope




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Westingarea supplied high quality  Ophthalmic Operating Microscope  has  the excellent performance displayed as:

The product is an advanced double binocular operation microscope designed for two men, ZOOM magnification and foot switch.
• ZOOM magnifications for main microscope, 4X~25X continuously adjustment.
• Fine focusing knob is the bottom of assistant binocular. The image of the assistant’s microscope can be focused independently of the main surgeon, to avoid the different diopters.
• Germany optics gives the surgeon a bright, balanced, and fine image.
• Apochromatic technology used in the optical design, ensures coaxial light focus and makes a clearer field of view.
• Microscope head and arm can be moved freely by using the spring balanced system; locking device of the microscope arm can keep patients away from the lens in a safe distance.
• Independent electrical control box has the function of automatic diagnosis,which brings great convenience for installation and repair if necessary.
•Accessories: Teaching Tube, CCD System and Operation Microscope Image System

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