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Ophthalmic Operating Microscope




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Westingarea supplied high quality  Ophthalmic Operating Microscope   has  the excellent performance displayed as:

The product is an advanced double binocular operation microscope designed for two men, with the illumination source of 100W medical Xenon lamp and -2°+6°coxial illumination. It is applicable in various complicated operations.
•It provides an amazingly clear, fine image by using Xenon light source.
•It gives you a brilliant resolution for observing the posterior capsule of lens. Using -2 ° reflection prism, it increase the depth of field and improves the red reflex.
•Fine focusing knob is under the bottom of assistant binocular. The image of the assistant’s microscope can be focused independently of the main surgeon, to avoid the different diopters.
• Germany optics gives the surgeon a bright, balanced, and fine image.
• Apochromatic technology used in the optical design, ensures coaxial light focus and makes a clearer field of view.

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