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Microbial Limit Test System




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WESTINGAREA supplied ZW-STV3A Microbial Limit Test System have the excellent performance displayed as:
          The Working Principle:ZW-STV3A series of open-frame, using membrane filtration method, a way to pressure leaching, to achieve the purpose of retention of bacteria, and with the 0.45μm * 50mm millipore filter and open (ZW-3B), reduce testing costs and improve the speed test.Injection of test materials will be available for micro-organisms inside the limits of culture, through the test instrument external vacuum pressure leaching, the test materials for micro-organisms trapped in the membrane, and with the membrane removed from membranes, transferred to solid medium configured , the bacteria face, flat-front, covered with the lid closed to form the training box, buy the corresponding constant temperature incubator to carry out training and counting.

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