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Micro-organisms Tested Dedicated System




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    WESTINGAREA supplied ZW-600 Micro-organisms Tested Dedicated System have the excellent performance displayed as:

         The working principle:1. The integration of ultra-compact design, reducing the laminar flow of the space occupied by the Taiwan operation.2. Two-in-one function, not only do the first choice for Microbial Limit Tests, but also as an independent vacuum pump used to cut costs significantly.3. 6 at the same time membrane leaching, leaching speed and high efficiency.4. Filter cup using the design of reusable, durable, cost-effective, easy to operate.5. Each filter head of an independent controlled manner to facilitate flexibility in the use of the operator.6. Oil-free vacuum pump design, low noise.7. The whole stainless steel design, mirror surface to facilitate cleaning and disinfection.

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