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Obstetrics Instruments Set




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Westingarea supplied high quality  Obstetrics Instruments Set

This instrument set is mainly used for induced abortion in small hospitals and clinics.                                                                                                                         

The whole set consists of 6 varieties, 6 specifications total 6 pieces.      


1     ZC317R   Surgical Scissors,180mm,blunt/blunt,straight                                pair   1

2     ZH445R   Haemostatic Forceps, curved, 180 mm, Crile                                 pair   1

3     ZG707C  suction tube for abortion,7#                                               pcs      1

4     ZS549     kidney dish, medium size                                                 pcs      1

5     ZS551     plate for holding sponge                                             pcs      1

6     ZC796R   umbilical cord scissors, 140mm curved                                      pair    1

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