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Air Curtain(1200mm)




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WESTINGAREA supplied air curtain have the excellent performance displayed as:

The high and low heating setting meets the need of multiple applications.

Adopted un-electrified surface PTC heater, super safety, fast temperature rising, automatic temperature control, creating comfortable air curtain.

Strong and fast heat generating, stable performance, low electricity consumption, normally starting under -18 environment.

Microprocessor control, normal or heating air can be chosen separately.

PTC heater is with over-heated protector, effectively protecting and energy saving under normal use.

Delay turnoff protecting device automatically performing when turning off heating air operating state, efficiently extending product life. 

Multiple body specifications: 900mm1000mm1200mm.

All units are supplied Without any plugs. Costing of any specified cable or style of plugs will be quoted upon request.




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